Sunflower Seeds / Raw & Unroasted / Superfood / 100% Natural Daily Nutrition / 100g

A tiny package of daily nutrition for heart health, radiant skin, weight loss and immunity.

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Unlocking Your Health Potential

Superfood For Daily Nutrition

Superfood For Daily Nutrition



Raw & GMO-Free

Raw & GMO-Free



100% Natural

100% Natural

Sunflower seeds with goodness of vitamin E and antioxidants,

Elevate Your Snack Game With Our Natural Sunflower Seeds!

Small but mighty, these wholesome goodness pack a punch of nutty flavour and crunch that's sure to satisfy your snacking cravings. From their vibrant yellow hues to their goodness of vitamin E and other antioxidants, essential nutrients, including protein, fibre, healthy fats, zinc, and selenium, sunflower seeds are a natural wonder that will brighten your day with every bite.

  • Magnesium keeps the heart healthy
  • Vitamin B1 & Magnesium give glowing skin
  • Fibre helps in weight loss
  • The perfect daily dose for immunity
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    About this product

    Sunflower Seeds Packed With Essential Nutrients

    Unroasted Sunflower Seeds Packed With Essential Nutrients

    Did you know that these delicious sunflower seeds are a great source of protein, fibre, healthy fats, and numerous vitamins and minerals? For starters, sunflower seeds are a great plant-based source of protein.

    6 g protein and 3 g fibre per 30g
    Loaded with healthy fats
    High in Tryptophan
     Sunflower Seeds For Heart & Brain Health

    Nutrient-Rich Superfood For Heart & Brain Health: Buy Sunflower Seeds Now!

    Each serving of our Sunflower Seeds provides a significant amount of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support overall health and well-being. With their abundance of heart-healthy fats, these seeds protect the heart from disease. The required levels of vitamin E and other antioxidants in these seeds support overall brain health.

    High cholesterol levels
    Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    Cognitive function
    Cardiovascular disease prevention
    Memory and learning
    Brain Development
     Sunflower Seeds For Daily Nutrition For Your Skin

    Daily Nutrition For Your Skin

    Sunflower seeds have high vitamins E and C, essential nutrients that nourish, protect and brighten the skin. It has Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from possible environmental damage, while Vitamin C stimulates collagen production for firm and youthful skin and a brighter complexion. These seeds also provide selenium, helping in the skin's defence against inflammation and sun damage. Omega-6 fatty acids in sunflower seeds maintain the skin’s barrier and prevent dryness. Finally, the high zinc content promotes skin health, assisting in the healing of wounds and the reduction of acne inflammation. Hence, sunflower seeds are effective in protecting against:

    Dry Skin
    Ageing Skin
    Sun Damage
     Sunflower Seeds for Weight loss

    Want To Lose Weight? Grab A Pack Of ToneOp Care Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower seeds have gained popularity as a potential supporter of weight loss due to their nutrient composition and satisfying qualities. These tiny, crunchy seeds are rich in nutrients like fibre, protein, healthy fats, and numerous vitamins and minerals.

    High fibre reduces overeating by promoting satiety
    Protein helps stabilise blood sugar levels
    Healthy fats prevent cravings
    Combination of fibre, protein, and healthy fats slows down digestion
    Sunflower Seeds to Empower Your Immunity

    Amplify Your Energy & Empower Your Immunity With Unroasted Sunflower Seeds

    Feel the surge of energy with every bite. Our unroasted sunflower seeds are an excellent source of essential nutrients providing you with sustained energy throughout the day. Give your immune system the support it needs to keep you healthy and protected. Loaded with immune-boosting nutrients like:

    Zinc is essential for immune function
    Fatty acids help reduce inflammation
    Protein is necessary for the synthesis of immune cells and antibodies
    Sunflower Seeds to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

    Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels With Our Unroasted Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower seeds can be a beneficial addition to the diet for individuals with diabetes. These small, nutrient-dense seeds offer several health benefits that help manage blood sugar levels.

    Low glycemic index has minimal impact on blood sugar levels preventing spikes in blood sugar
    Fibre plays slows down glucose absorption in the bloodstream promoting stable daily levels

    Frequently Asked Question

    One small cup (about 30 grams) of sunflower seeds each day is advised.

    Yes, sunflower seeds burn belly fat because they are rich in folic acid. Folic acid is essential for building lean body mass. This breaks down fat cells and helps develop new muscle tissue.

    If you offer whole seeds to your child, ensure you are doing so in a safe eating area and within arm's reach of them. Usually, until the age of four or five, whole seeds and nuts, including seed and nut bits, are a choking hazard.

    Yes, you can eat raw sunflower seeds. Also, surprisingly they're healthier and more nutritious than roasted ones.

    Look for natural non-hybrid unroasted sunflower seeds. This will ensure you get all the nutritional benefits without extra calories or unhealthy ingredients.

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